You can avoid the repetitive use of a task in windows using keyboard shortcuts that windows offers, because they allow you to save time and be more productive.

For example, you can select all text with the keyboard and simultaneously press Ctrl + A.

You will find in this article the top 10 keyboard shortcuts that we recommend everyone to memorize and use.

Windows key + E
The best part of shortcut keys is to let your keyboard do half the work. This is a perfect example: This shortcut allows you to open Windows Explorer with a quick keystroke.

Windows key + M
This is the shortcut to keep in mind when you’re at work doing something, but working on this allows you to minimize all open windows, leaving just the desk left exposed. To restore windows, press the Windows key + Shift + M. Another quick way to do this is Windows + D key, which shows your desktop, to restore, just repeat the same key. It’s a handy shortcut to have around the next time your boss walks around the office.

Alt + Tab
This allows you to scroll easily through all the windows that you have opened. If you are working in Word and referring to something in Explorer, for example, you can toggle back and forth between the two programs. You can also use this option to switch between windows in the same program, making multitasking a breeze. Very similar is the Windows + Tab key: In XP, it allows you to scroll through the items on the taskbar, in Vista it starts Flip 3D for a fun graphic spin on the same idea.

Alt + F4
This shortcut is a quick way to close a window in any program. Alt + space + C (which requires keys less stretching, but more) and Ctrl + W do the same thing. One of the ways will allow you to close a window without using your mouse to hit the X in the upper right corner.

Ctrl + Arrow keys
In Microsoft Word, the left and right arrows move the cursor to the beginning of the previous word or the next word, the up and down arrows will do the same thing to paragraphs. This is very useful when editing a document or scanning for some reason.

Shift + Delete
If you want to delete a file and do not want to deal with it later in the Recycle Bin, that’s the way to go. Just be absolutely sure that this is a file you will not want to come back!

Hold Shift while inserting a CD
Have you ever wanted to insert a CD and not use right away? This shortcut allows you to bypass Autorun when inserting a CD so that you can control exactly when you are going to use a CD that you have inserted.

Ctrl + Drag
There are many ways to copy a file, but it could be the easiest. All you have to do is click on the file, hold and drag it to its desired location. It works the same as another convenient shortcut, Ctrl + C.

Windows key + U + U
Quickly shut down Windows by pressing the Windows key (do not hold it down), hitting U to access the shutdown menu, then hitting U again at shutdown.

Windows key + pause
Need a quick way to access the System Properties menu without thinking too much? Just press these two keys and you will be brought right.

Ctrl + Z, Ctrl + Y
Cancel an action by pressing Ctrl + Z, if you change your mind, Ctrl + Y will redo it.

Shift + Arrow Keys
Pressing SHIFT and pressing one of the arrow keys will highlight text in Word (or a group of Excel cells) without the mouse, selecting in the direction that the arrow points.

Ctrl + U, Ctrl + B, Ctrl + I
This one is for Office beginners. It is a snap to underline, bold, italic and without the mouse if you press Ctrl + U (underline), Ctrl + B (bold font), or Ctrl + I (italic).

Page Up, Spacebar, and Page Down

Pressing either the page up or page down key to move that page one page at a time in that direction. When you browse the Internet pressing the spacebar will also move the page down one page at a time. If you press Shift and the space bar the page will go up one page at a time.

Tip: If you use the space bar to move down one page at a time, press Shift and Spacebar to move one page at a time.

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