The problem of overloading the size of photos For most of you have come to the method of reducing the size of the image in a damp.

Reduce the Image Size Without Compromising Quality

One of the pleasures of traveling and having fun with family and friends is taking pictures of yourself and your friends in beautiful landscapes. Now, if you want to email photos to them, you will be faced with a problem that the size of the photo is too large for uploading. Here’s how we teach you the easiest way to reduce the size of the photo. Read more.

We are all faced with the problem that we sometimes have to send our photos in smaller sizes. This process is usually annoying because the amount of photos is reduced by the sharp drop in the image.

It’s likely that you have to send a photo you have scanned or taken with digital cameras to your friends.

Resolve the problem of high volume photos
Sending a photo with email is one of our everyday routines that sometimes makes us trouble, because sending large volumes of photos takes a lot of time, especially if our Internet is not good. In these situations, one of the most commonly encountered problems is the high volume of photos. In this article, we want to consider the size of the photos so that their volume is minimized and their quality is not diminished as much as possible; we also want to introduce 6 freeware, online, and desktop based compactors. do.

All of these things help you to compress your web site’s images, so keep your bandwidth up and improve site performance, or easily email your photo or upload to a site. do.

 If you have been photographed with high-end cameras, now home-made, semi-professional, and professional, you should know that households usually take 72dpi photos with a volume of about 3MB, semi-professional depending on type They have a camera but usually have a resolution of 128dpi, which means that each photo is about 4MB in size, professional cameras have higher quality and higher volume. Of course, if you want to have photos on our computer only, today’s volume of files is so low. it’s not important.

 Now the new problem starts from the point where it’s crazy to put photos on the site or blog so that others can enjoy it. Whether you own a website or not. If you want to compress your personal photos to take up less volume, you will need an image compression service or Image Compressor. On the sites, the SEO factor is a significant factor in this regard, and faster download speeds are better. There are many algorithms to reduce the size of the images.

 Another problem is that now, even if you have ADSL, the actual speed will ultimately be 20Kb (upload speed is lower than downloading). For each photo, it takes about 4 minutes to upload, so if you want to upload just 5 photos, at least We are 20 minutes late, and now this is half the time, it should be taken into account that the user should download the same time for about the same time. Let’s not talk about dial-ups anymore! So the way to stay is to reduce the size of the image, but the quality is sacrificed, but not to the extent that the charm of the photo disappears.

Reduce png image size
Whether your image file is JPEG, PNG, GIF or SVG, reducing the size and size of the image is an important point. Even for those who do not have a website designer or blog. Email servers allow you to send a specific amount of photo or attachment; also for a blog or website, the use of high-volume photos will create many problems for visitors and site owners, even in countries with high speed Internet This item is considered by professional web designers.

What is the appropriate photo size for attachment in email?

The size of a attached photo file for email should be about 200kb or less. The appropriate pixel size for an attached image in the email is typically between 1024 x 450 x 768 x 350; there is no special rule for this, but these sizes are usually recommended.

The size or dimensions of the standard advertising banner on the site

There are standards for advertising banners that can be considered as a reference by designers.

Undoubtedly, the smaller the length and width of the photo is smaller, the smaller it will be. In some photo management software, the shortest way to reduce the length and width of the photo is to achieve a smaller volume.

Standard size advertising banner on the site
How to work:
Open the image in Photoshop. The first thing to do is to lower the image’s accuracy. To do this, select Image size from the Image menu. In this box, in the Resolution section, at the bottom of the frame, turn 300 to 72 and click Ok. This will reduce the image’s accuracy to 72 dpi.

The next step is to reduce the dimensions of the image. This will greatly reduce its volume. Again, select Image size from the Image menu. This time, in the Document size section, reduce the length and area of ​​the image.

Then click OK. The final step is to change the format of the photo; select the Save for web option from the File menu. In the Settings section, select the Jpg file and set the quality below the Medium. You can see the image quality in the box on the left. In the lower part, the size of the image is displayed with the current quality. Click the Save button, specify the storage location and photo name, and then click Save. Finally, save the image after selecting the format and adjusting the quality.

You see that the final photo size is very different from the original. The initial image is approximately 10 megabytes in Tiff format and the final image is about 5KB in size. That’s two thousandths.

A very simple solution to reduce volume

Today we teach you the way you can reduce the size of your images as easily as possible. This way is nothing but the use of Paint software found on any computer.

You must first open the photo in Paint. Then place a point anywhere on the photo you like. Be sure to place the point in a color not specified on the photo! (Maybe we ask for what we do? The answer is that to make a difference in the photo so we can save it)

Now in the top menu, click File, then Save as, and save the image in JPEG format.

Now, if you look at the file size, you’ll see that the volume is down 50 to 80 percent. If you search on the Internet, there are several ways to reduce the size of the image from Photoshop to an application that reduces the size of the images.

6 free compressors

If you search the Internet, there are several ways to reduce the size of the images, one of which is the Jpegmini software.

JPEGMini can reduce the size of the file you want to use up to 5 times, and its quality will not go away. JPEGMini for Mac and Windows provides a desktop application that can be free (limited) or costly.

Sharing O’Matic

Sharing O’Matic is an Adobe Air program that easily handles and resizes images. This service, which has the ability to support JPG, GIF and PNG, allows you to change their size by dragging and dropping images just by dragging and dropping them. This online service originates from Yahoo’s developer network, which has the ability to optimize images. The uploader also uses JPEG, GIF, and PNG files with a maximum size of 1MB. The optimized results are downloadable from a temporary URL that can be downloaded up to 30 minutes after the production. Of course, if you are a webmaster and you use WordPress to manage your site, you do not need to reduce the number of single images in this way and use it on your website. Just install the WP plugin.

Image Optimizer

Image Optimizer is one of the programs known as the French Wrench! This program allows you to resize, compress, and optimize your images. It’s also free and paid online both on the desktop and on the app. If you choose to be free, the post below should be forgotten.


RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool) is a free application for optimizing images for better website performance. The service also has an easy interface to view the original source while changing the photo, so you can make a better comparison between the first image and the result.


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