ransferring files from Android phones to the iPhone and from the iPhone to Android is one of the issues that is commonly encountered due to differences between the operating systems of these two types of phones. In this article, we are going to look at the methods of sending files between Android and iPhone through software such as SHAREit or computer. Stay with us.
Learn how to transfer files from Android to iPhone and vice versa by SHAREit, PC and software.
How To Send Files Between Android And Iphone
In the case of computer operating systems, we already talked about the benefits of easy transfer of information in the automated transfer of settings, folders and system files to the new system of web-browsing. For phones, there are also various ways to transfer and share files. Between Android and iPhone, we’ll look at some of these methods together.
How to transfer files between Android and iPhone by connecting to a computerThe most basic way of transferring files and data from Android to iPhone is to connect both Android and iPhone phones to a computer with a cable and perform a file transfer operation with the computer. Suppose we are going to send images from the Android phone to the iPhone.
File transfer between Android and iPhone
Connect both iPhone and Android phones to your computer.After identifying both devices, their Darius appear in the Portable Devices section of My Computer.Open each window individually and enter their storage space.The DCIM folder on Android is found on the Android phone, and we will carry out transfer operations by dragging and dropping it in the iPhone’s Image folder.There is another way to transfer photos and videos from the iPhone to the Android phone:
Connect the iPhone to the computer via cable.In the Portable Devices section of My Computer, find and right-click the iPhone drive.Select import all images and videos.The images and video of the iPhone are scanned automatically and placed in your My Pictures folder on your computer.Connect the Android phone to the computer.Copy the contents of your My Pictures folder to Android’s DCIM folder.File transfer between Android and iPhone
This method is not very interesting, because we have to be able to transfer the files in question, even in the absence of a computer.
How to transfer file between iPhone and Android using cloud computingTransferring files between Android and iPhone via cloud computing is one of many other ways. For example, you can create an account in one of the cloud spheres like Dropbox, and you will be logged on by both phones. Now, any file that you upload into the cloud space will be visible and download on another phone.
Of course, this kind of file transfer does not seem to be a bit rational. You can use this method when you do not have any private files in the cloud. Because it may be abusive.
How to transfer files between Android and iPhone using the Send Anywhere applicationThe Send Anywhere app is a program used both for Android and iPhone. By installing this application on your phone, you can easily transfer the files from one device to another.
File transfer between Android and iPhone
Enter the app on your iPhone.Click the Send button.Select the files you want.Click the Send button.A PIN code and a QR code are given to you. You can use either of these to receive files on the recipient’s phone. PINs or QR codes are valid for 10 minutes and you must use it within 10 minutes.Enter the app on the Android phone.Click the Receive button.Enter the PIN code or scan the QR code so that you can get the files.We suggest transferring files to transfer other items, such as programs, etc. Use a duplicate method to install Android apps with their routine data that we previously introduced in the Web.
The file transfer between Android and iPhone using the SHAREit applicationToday’s one of the most commonly used programs for transferring files between different operating systems, including Android and iPhone, is the use of the popular SHAREit application. The transfer of information from iPhone to Android is very easy. Just register a nickname and a photo after registering so that another device that intends to transfer files to your phone can easily identify you.
File transfer between Android and iPhone
How to download the file by the SHAREit appAfter entering the applet, click on the Receive option. A page will appear to you. In Current Network, the name of the network to which the sender must be connected is displayed.
File transfer between Android and iPhone
After connecting the transmitter to this network, you will be able to receive the desired files from the transmitter.
File upload method by SHAREit app1. Click the Send button and select the desired files.
2- Click the Send button after selecting the desired files.
3. Click the Connect to iOS / WP button on the screen that appears to you.
File transfer between Android and iPhone
4. A message will be displayed to you. Click the Continue button.
File transfer between Android and iPhone
5. Now clicking on Connect to hotspot Now on your iPhone will display a list of available wifi for you. Click on the network name created by the recipient.
File transfer between Android and iPhone
6. After selecting the network, return to SHAREit software. Sending files will begin immediately.
File transfer between Android and iPhone
If you have trouble sending and receiving files with this method, you can read the How to fix the problem of sending and receiving files with the shareit program.
Introducing several apps for transferring files and data between Android and iPhoneFast File Transfer: A simple Android application that allows you to send large files at short distances. The Fast File Transfer application allows the iPhone to connect to this network by creating a Wi-Fi network and transfer files between Android and iPhone. The speed of file transfer in this application is approximately 20 times the speed of file transfer by Bluetooth.
File transfer between Android and iPhone
Instashare: This app is developed for Android, iPhone, Mac and Windows platforms, and has the ability to transfer files between different operating systems. The free version of the Instashare app is available, but if you do not want to be intruders while using the app, you can buy a paid version of it.
File transfer between Android and iPhone
Of course, we all have important information on our phones that we need to be able to manage. To learn more about file management applications, we recommend reading the most powerful and best Android file management software. Data transfer is not limited to simple file transfer between two phones. Your goal may be to transfer all information, such as sms, phone numbers, etc. from one handset to another, which will certainly have different ways.


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