With more than one billion WhatsApp users, chances are you’ll just be the one who doesn’t already know all the WhatsApp hacks. No need, with the tips below you give your mother-in-law the look and you become the absolute expert in WhatsApp area. From italicized text to keeping your WhatsApp groups manageable: all secret and less secret tips you can read here.

1. Just hiding, so no blue ‘checks’
Nice those blue check marks so that you know your message has been read, but sometimes it is useful if your conversation partner cannot immediately see that you have faced the message. In many cases, people see such a check mark as an invitation to continue chatting. It often leads to an expectation pattern: you have seen it, so I expect something back. How do you get rid of those blue devils? Very simple:

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Settings / Settings
  • account
  • Privacy
  • Turn off Reading Certificates / Read Receipts
  • By deactivating the readers no one sees that you have seen their chat message. If you also put your “last seen” option on “no one”, they can never ask annoying questions.

2. Your friends rank
Anno 2018, friendships are no longer based on loyalty or length of time of friendship. Sharing is caring so in 2018 you share everything you want or not. WhatsApp is also super-handy in this, the app has all the info and you can make good use of it. So you make your own list of favorite friends. Go to Settings> Use of Data and Storage> Storage Usage and you will see a list of the main groups and contacts ranked based on the data that WhatsApp has issued over them.

3. Know when your message has been read
In group chats, the messages keep a gray check mark. Even if your message is checked thousands of times, blue they will never be. Big question: how do you know your message has been read? How: hold a message on Android that you sent and select “Info” or simply tap iOS on the left side of the message where you want the details. It shows to whom it was delivered, who read it and when.

4. Go incognito
Being popular can be interesting, but often the need is missing. So ask yourself if it is so necessary that everyone can see your profile photo. Of course you can choose not to upload a photo, you can also just adjust it in the settings. How To: Go to Settings> Privacy> Profile Photo> No one.

5. Do not disturb us.
Fun if you are super active on WhatsApp and are members of the most diverse groups. It is less fun if you wake up by a constant stream of new messages. Turning off the sound of your phone is not the right solution, but the muting of chats. You will then simply receive no notification with new messages. How: Tap the group chat of your choice and then the name to open Group info, where you can find the option to mute the chat for eight hours, a week or a year.

6. Create order in the chaos
If you use Android, you can create shortcuts to popular chats and show them on your home screen: handy if there are certain people with whom you chat more often. How: Tap and hold on the chat (group or person) of your choice and a tab appears. Select the option ‘Add shortcut conversation’ and the chat in question will appear as the profile photo of the person on your mobile desktop.

7. Here I am!
Aspects via WhatsApp? Super! Sending a route description is possible via the drop-pin of your current location. You can also send a PIN for the location you want to go to or share your own location How: Click in iOS on the plus sign to the left of the chat box and choose “Location”. This will show all your options for the above, although you must give WhatsApp permission to know your location if you want to use Live Location. On your Android device, go to the “Add” menu and select “Location” in the same way. You must also give the app permission for similar location rights here.

8. Make yourself invisible
Ignoring people is not superlative, but sometimes it is definitely an outcome. Ideally, no one can see when you’ve been online last time. That is very easy to set up. How: it is in the Privacy menu, under ‘last seen’, and if you want, you can hide or just allow your contacts to see your activity.

9. Let Siri chat
Convenience should be man and WhatsApp is no exception. Whether you can cook or just can’t multi-bags, it can be a good idea to use your voice to send messages. Thanks to Siri on iOS and Google Assistant on Android that’s just possible. How: Call “Hey Siri” or “OK ​​Google”, and say “send a WhatsApp to Jonny” and you can dictate your message about missing Jonny’s wedding to your phone. So ideal.

10. Sending multiple chat messages
If you want to inform everyone about the barbecue you have planned, you can send everyone an email. That is a possibility. You can also do the same via WhatsApp. In that case you send the same message to everyone you want to select and it seems like you are approaching everyone separately. How: In the top left corner of your WhatsApp Chats window, just below the search bar, you will see a shipping list. Tap for the option to create a new contact list where you want to send the message. Set up and post your message.

11. Recognize WhatsApp groups
If you are active in many WhatsApp groups, you will know that not every group is equally interesting. By linking each group with a separate ringtone, you can more easily identify the main groups using the sound. This does not only work for groups, you can also make individual chats recognizable. How: go to the important group chats, tap the name to open Group info and then select “custom alerts”. There you can select the ringtone. Make for a very recognizable tune and you never miss that important chats.

13. Save chat history
Do you really want to know that you can always read your chat history back? WhatsApp has the ability to store it in the cloud. How: iPhone users get the ability to automatically link their chat history to their iCloud account. You can set up daily, weekly or monthly schedules and choose to back up with or without videos. Go to Settings> Chats> Chatback to set your preferences for this.

For Android devices in the procedure almost the same. Go to Settings> Chats and Calls> Chat Backup. Here you can set up an automatic Google Drive backup. The next time you reinstall WhatsApp, you can easily select the Google Drive backup option from the setup screen to import all your messages directly from the cloud onto the device.

13. Download files via 3G or via wifi
Internet on your mobile is fun, but if you use a prepaid subscription, the use of the data connection can quickly generate high costs. In particular, downloading files, apps, videos and images can generate extra data traffic. You can prevent your data bundle from running out quickly by adjusting your settings. This way, your device will only download files if you use a wifi connection.

How: go to Settings> Data and Storage Usage on your iOS device and adjust the settings for how to download the received media. Choose Wi-Fi if you do not want to overload the data plan. Alternatively, you can activate downloads manually by setting Auto-Download to “Never”. You can also prevent a lot of misery, for example that you occasionally have to clean your camera by adjusting “Save To Camera Roll” in the menu of the chats.

For Android, follow these steps: Go to Settings> Network and Internet> Data usage> Use of mobile data. Restricting background data can be set per app.

14. Upload first, then add text
Do you also find it so annoying to first upload a photo and then only add text? Whatsapp allows you to simply add text before sending it. The text line is not only suitable for emojis, but also for text.

15. Mark messages
Everyone knows the situation: you have agreed with friends to go, but the address of the case where you meet each other has not been written down. Good dumb, but you do not happen the second time. Whatsapp allows you to mark certain messages so you can easily find them back.

How: on iOS, hold a message for a long time or double-tap it and tap the star icon to highlight it. To find it again, just tap the name of the chat and tap Starred messages to see all the messages you have highlighted.

Hold Android in the message for a long time, and then click the star icon at the top of the screen. If you want to find your posts with star, tap the icon with the three dots in the upper right corner and go to “Starred Messages”. You can also view the conversation context by tapping the arrow next to the message (iOS) while you tap the message itself (Android).

16. Call through Whatsapp
WhatsApp is more than just a standard messenger: you can also use it to make calls. How: Click the ‘Calls’ tab along the top or bottom of the app (depending on iPhone or Android) and then click on the person you want to call. If your data signal is weak, this will affect the quality.

17. Appointment shortcut
You can also schedule appointments using WhatsApp. By means of a simple shortcut you will no longer forget any appointment. How: This tip is currently working on iPhone devices only. When someone mentions a date in a WhatsApp message, it is automatically underlined and highlighted in blue. Just tap it and you get the opportunity to immediately create an event on that date in your calendar. This function can also recognize words as “today” and “tomorrow”.

18. WhatsApp on your laptop
Do you still use WhatsApp on your phone? Via web.whatsapp.com you can simply use WhatsApp via your desptop or laptop. How: go to web.whatsapp.com in the web browser of the computer, launch the app on your phone and scan the QR code displayed through the WhatsApp Web / Desktop option in Settings. Thats it!

19. Data saving
Calling via WhatsApp is a very convenient one, but it does use a lot of data. However, there is something to be done. How: In the Data and Storage Usage (Data Usage on Android) menu, you can enable a setting called “Low Data Usage”, which, as you may already know, reduces the amount of data used when making phone calls. So useful.

20. WhatsApp groups rank
If there is one group chat that you use more often than other groups, you can make sure that it is always at the top of the list by fixing it there. How: In the main menu, find ‘Chat’ the group you want to lock and drag it to iOS to the right; on Android you just press it in long and then click on the pin icon at the top. That way, you never have to browse through a whole range of WhatsApp groups to find just that one group.

21. Use quotes
Most will already know: use quotes. Convenient function, especially if several topics are passed in one chat. How: on iOS you simply swipe right over the message you want to respond to. On your Android device, click on the message you want to use as a quote and keep it pressed until the color of the text line changes. Then click on ‘answer’. In both cases, the quoted message is displayed in an example above the text entry box.

22. put notes on “unread”
Do you forget to reply to your messages? By marking them as “unanswered” you know exactly which messages you have skipped. How: in iOS you simply swipe one of your chats to the right (as you do to pin them) so that a blue dot appears next to it. The next time you open the message, it disappears or you can repeat the process to undo it. Android users can achieve the same by long pressing a chat and then selecting “Mark as Unread” in the top right menu.

23. Hide previews
Theoretically, all messages on WhatsApp are private – but not when you put the phone on the table and a new message appears. However, there is a way to disable the preview of the message so that the message only shows that you received a message without showing its contents. How: go to Settings, then to “notifications” and disable “preview / preview”.

24. WhatsApp for the less active
If you have not opened the WhatsApp screen, you can reply to incoming messages by dragging the toolbar down, selecting the message, and replying to it. You can quickly reply to a message by swiping the notification bar down, selecting the relevant message and tapping your answer. But there is a faster way How to: go to settings> notifications> Pop-up notification and choose from four different options. You can change this setting for both individual messages and group messages. Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available in iOS.

25. Send attachments
Sending photos via WhatsApp is fun, but you can do more. If you do not have time to send an email to your colleague while still wanting to share that one pdf file, send it via WhatsApp. How: Tap the + symbol (in Android you will see a paper clip)> Document> select your desired cloud storage service and then the file itself.

26. The ultimate WhatsApp skillset
Time to talk about your chat skills? Share parts of your message in bold, display part in italics or by stroking? That can, no problem. To do this, follow these instructions:


Place a “*” at the beginning of the word or sentence you want to display in bold. Use the asterisk again to end the sentence.


place an “_” (underscore) at the beginning of the word or phrase you want to represent. End the sentence with the same underscore.


Place a ‘~’ at the beginning of the word or phrase you want to represent. With this same sign (~), close the sentence again.

27. Delete messages
It is only annoying if you (too late) find out that the message that was intended for your girlfriend has come to your mother’s. WhatsApp is however your friend and you can simply delete the message. Do this within seven minutes otherwise it will not really work. The disadvantage: your conversation partner sees that you have deleted a message. So think ahead of time a good excuse. How: Click the message you want to delete and select the delete option from the popup menu. Then choose who to remove it.

28. Use Gifs
Are you looking forward to the boring emojis? Then use a poison to cheer up the conversations. How: In iOS, click the + icon and choose Photo and Video Library. Displays your movie roll. In the lower left corner you see an option for gif files. Click on it and you can start browsing. On Android, the option is hidden in the same way and is included next to the emoji keyboard. Click on the emoji icon to open the list of emoji you can use, and under the stream of yellow faces you will see an option to switch to the gif images.

29. Send a private message from a WhatsApp group
During a group chat, another participant sends a private message as quickly as possible? Very handy! How to: Hold a message from the conversation partner with whom you want to start a private conversation for a long time and select the option “Message xfdfd”. This will open the previous chat, or load a new chat screen if you have not previously chat privately.

30. WhatsApp customize
Give your chat some more bling-bling? Then change the background of your chat conversations. That is only applicable to what you see, your conversation partners do not notice that. How: Go to Settings> Chat> Chat Background on iOS and simply choose what you want to display as a background. In Android, click the three dots> Settings> Chats and Calls> Default Background for the same. With this last option you can also change the background for individual chats.


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