Whether in everyday life or on the road, often the smartphone has long since replaced the classic camera in terms of videos. But how do you actually make a good video with your smartphone? A few simple tricks and tricks to create a good smartphone video, we show you here!

Turning videos is easy today. Anytime, anywhere we have the ability to hold things around us – whether spontaneously or for a specific project. Also for editing, post-processing and effects, one is no longer dependent on the laptop or PC. Pretty cool videos can also be created alone with your smartphone!

But who does not know them, the shaky, dark cell phone videos, in the worst case still with thick black bars left and right, cut heads and too soft sound. There are a few simple tricks that can be used to make more of his videos. We’ll show you how it’s done.

12 tips: This will make your video even better

1. Cross portrait instead of portrait
Actually, that should be clear. After all, hardly any of us have ever seen a movie in portrait format, right? Nevertheless, many – especially spontaneous – videos are created in portrait format. As a result, the image must later be artificially adjusted to landscape format with two thick black bars on the sides. Not nice. So, just stay in landscape format!

2. Avoid jerky or fast movements
Especially when filming with the smartphone, movements later in the video are uncomfortable. So try to keep the picture as stable as possible. Support your arm, lean against a wall or – if nothing else is at hand – hold the smartphone as close to the chest as possible. And avoid running while filming.

3. Use micro
Pay attention while filming that you do not cover the microphone with your hand. When the object is far away, the spoken word quickly becomes too quiet to be picked up for 12 tips2 and elaborate reworking is necessary. Therefore: In the ideal case, use a micro directly. They are also available for smartphones and are especially useful if you want to hide annoying ambient noise.

4. Clean lens
Sounds logical, but is often forgotten. Often our smartphones are in your pocket, backpack or anywhere. Quickly, the lens of the camera is dirty, vollgefusselt or greasy. Therefore: Clean up before filming.

5. Backdrop is important
Do not choose too excited background. Moving objects can quickly be disturbing. Better is a more even, quieter – and at best monochrome – background.
6. Shut up during the video shoot
When filming with your smartphone or camera, in most cases you’re much closer to the built-in mic than what you actually want to shoot. So, stop talking while filming. Posting comments afterwards makes unnecessary work.

7. Stay at eye level

Frog and bird’s eye views can be a cool stylistic device. But if they are unwanted, that quickly seems strange. If your object is smaller than you, crouch down and always try to stay at eye level with what you want to hold on to.
8. Mini Lenses for Smartphones
For many smartphones, there are small, attachable lenses. For example, you can achieve a cool fish-eye effect. Of course, you should not turn your entire video so – but as a cool element in between, certainly an eye-catcher!

9. Put in the right light
12 tips 3 Avoid filming against the light or having the light on your back, especially if you’re filming a person, because they’re being blinded by it all the time. To avoid narrowed eyes just like an overexposed image, you should do it the way Rembrandt did: He typically painted people with a body-facing and light-facing body. Also on videos, this is the perfect exposure.

10. Choose the right image detail
Not every frame is suitable for every situation. We show you a few basic image sections here – of course there is much more! Basically: The right mixture make. No matter which settings you choose, be sure to vary. This makes your video more interesting.

11. Fine-tuning with the right app
Give your video the finishing touch! Many apps give you the ability to cut your video, rotate the light and color a bit, or add cool effects. We do not want to deprive you of some really cool apps:

  • Video Splash (Apple): With the app, you can choose a color that you want to keep in the video. Everything else is grayed out. A real cool effect!
  • Efexio (Apple): A T-Rex would do really well in your video? No problem. With the app Efexio you can insert 3D elements into your video.
  • Videocam Illusion (Android): The app works on your video already while filming and you can choose between different effects and masks.
  • Stop Motion Cafe (Apple): Stop Motion is a great way to bring lifeless items to life. The app takes a photo at regular intervals, in the meantime you can move the objects.
  • 8mm Vintage Camera (Apple): Nostalgia complacent? With the app you’ll give your videos a cool vintage look.
  • Android Studio (Android): Cut, edit, add effects videos. No problem with this app.
  • FxGuru (Android): Admit it, you’re just as into explosions as we are. This app is perfect for giving your videos something special, be it a meteor shower or attacking aliens.

12. Make the right sound
For a really good video is just really good music. Unfortunately, you can not just fall back on your current favorite track here, because it is rarely GEMA-free. At the latest when uploading your video on platforms like YouTube, there will be problems here. If you want to save yourself the trouble, you better go directly to GEMA-free music.


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