Taking pictures with your mobile once attained something unlikely, today is an integral part of your everyday life. The reason for mobile photography that causes controversial reactions to artistic debates. However, smartphones are a reality, so below I quote tips for better shots.

1. Select the highest resolution on your smartphone. The photos you take will be larger in file size, but will be able to reduce if necessary, while small pictures will lose their quality if you grow them up.

2. Make sure the lens is clear. Dusts and fingerprints can blur the photo or create a shine. To avoid using a soft cloth, remove stains from the lens before shooting. Still watch how and where you touch your smartphone to stay the lens even.

3. For night shots use a small tripod. (There are special mobile phone smartphone tripods and ideal for mobile photography). In the evening the lights can blur your photo if the cellphone is not on a totally stable basis. If you do not have a tripod, make sure to at least touch your mobile phone firmly and take the photo by selecting the self timer function, which has the potential to reduce most of the “shakes”.

4. Avoid the many ISO. The “grains” that will be created in the final result will be inconvenient and your photo will lose in quality. ISO mode changes the lens’s sensitivity to light, so see your smartphone’s camera menu to customize the appropriate ISO features.

5. Do not think twice. Take the picture, and delete it. It is preferable to have many pictures and to “throw” those that do not satisfy you, rather than regret for photos you did not get. Since technology is definitely going well you have a solution to store the many photos you want to book. Even if your cellphone does not cover you at a memory capacity level, you can buy a memory card or if you have a new smartphone.

6. Look ahead and place yourself in the right position. If you want to photograph a landscape and have time, do not rush to take the picture. Take a moment to see the landscape or the object you want to photograph, sink your gaze into it. After a while you will know exactly what to photograph and surely every sense of the landscape will be imprinted not only in the memory of your mobile but also in the memory of your brain.

7. Avoid using digital zoom. Do not be afraid and approach, what you want to photograph. Digital zoom has the ability to artificially increase the proximity of the image to the camera, but so, almost always, part of the quality of photography is lost.

8. Composition and rules. See the subject of your photo as a key element of the photo and then add some more details – e.g. another object or person in the foreground or background – which will give more depth and meaning to the final picture. It is important to use some of the photographic rules for even more pictures.

9. Use the angles. Mobile phones make it possible to get closer to the subject of photography and because of their small size they can shoot from various unusual angles. Enable timer and experiment.

10. Play with different levels when shooting. If you want, for example, to emphasize the size of your subject, take the photo from very low, even from the floor. For the opposite effect, take the photo from very high – the effects you can create depending on where the mobile is placed.

Bold, emotional and self-confident. These are some of the features you need to have to photograph anything. Do not be afraid to dare whether it means strange downloading angle, or an unusual subject. Still your emotion should also concern you as a photographer because it is an important element for an interesting photo. Finally, you need to be confident while photographing and insisting on your best possible result.


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