Whether you notice it or not, Facebook is constantly launching new features. In fact, it would take a daily brief to follow all these developments. As a small business leader, you need to define the ones you really need in your marketing strategy on your pro Facebook page. Do not worry, we chewed on you. From entertainment to marketing tools to Zuckerberg’s ongoing attempts to bring transparency to users, we’ve listed ten of the most popular, up-to-date and relevant Facebook features to immediately integrate into your business plan.

Organize a Watch Party (Video Session)
This year, Facebook has released an interesting way to bring communities together: Watch Party. Everyone must have their own popcorns, but everyone can watch and react to the same video in real time. To use this feature from your personal profile or your professional page, click on “Video Session” in the publication insert. Then choose a video (or more) and share it in your news feed. Everyone who has access to the post you posted can see it and comment at the same time from their own screen.

If initially, the option was reserved for groups only, it is now accessible to all, business and personal users. But one of the main disadvantages is that you can not import a new video. You must choose from previously loaded videos on your account, live videos or those available on Facebook Watch. Facebook Watch is a video streaming service (much like YouTube) launched last year to offer original videos created by Facebook partners. Just this week, the social network has released several classic and popular series on the platform (Buffy vs. Vampires, Angel and Firefly) to talk about the recent feature – all available for free.

How to use this feature:

Your business can host a live event or re-launch an old video. If you choose the right topic for your target audience, it will be an opportunity to boost engagement on your page by offering your followers a new kind of content that changes traditional posts. Just make sure the theme of the video is related to your activity. Then you just have to program the digital cinema night of the year.
Take advantage of Facebook Stories
If you know the Instagram Stories, the Facebook Stories are similar. These are collections of ephemeral photos and / or videos imported by users that can only be viewed for 24 hours. The feature itself is not so far removed from what you see on Instagram. This includes features such as stickers, location, boomerang function etc. But what is new and interesting is the ability to react instantly to the Stories of other users by clicking on a button like, heart or smiley.

Facebook Stories has started slowly but has become popular in recent months with more than 300 million daily users. That’s why the company decided to set up sponsored stories (just as Instagram already does). Any business can create one and take advantage of the targeting capabilities and consumer insights available through Facebook’s database. To measure the results, it’s the same as what’s already on Instagram – reach, brand awareness, views, conversions, traffic, and more. The association with Insta makes it possible to share your advertisements on both platforms and to reach more users at a lower cost. To learn more and learn how to design yours, check out Facebook stories ads.

How to use this feature:

For instant feedback, you need to create and share interesting and relevant Facebook Stories that drive user engagement. These can be backstage images, educational tips, promotions of your products or services, customer reviews or anything related to your business. For sponsored stories, use them to convert users to your business goal. This can be visit your site or buy your article. You can present the novelties, a promo or broadcast a photo or video amazing that will awaken their curiosity. By promoting your content, you can reach at least double your current audience with the same ad by applying the campaign on both Facebook and Instagram.

Drive everything from the Creator Studio
If you’re one of those people who never let a document escape from their files, you’ll love this feature. The Creator Studio hosts everything you need for your Facebook content in one place. Here you can publish and manage your content. It is also possible to monetize ads, track performance, etc. The most interesting elements (according to us) are the new creation tools available. For example, the “Sound Effects” tool for videos (available in the “Sound Bank” of the Creator Studio). These are free sound effects that you can use when you create a video on Facebook. You’ll find a collection of sounds from NASA’s space.

 How to use this feature:

Have fun testing the different components of this tool for your business. It’s great for designing videos for Facebook, finding background sounds, importing video, and measuring performance. Overall, the ability to manage your creations in one place allows you to be more productive.

Give an overview of your videos with the First
Give your audience a red carpet experience with Facebook Premières, a new feature that lets you post pre-made videos as if they were broadcast live. First, you download a video and then schedule it for a later date (up to a week in advance). Facebook sends an ad message with an image of your choice and the option for users to subscribe to notifications from your First. There is a countdown of three minutes for the followers before the big launch. When online, the announcement message becomes your video post. It’s like a Facebook Live video, users can watch, comment, share and like the video in real time.

How to use this feature:

This is another way to get people on your Facebook page. But you have to use it only for big events to avoid spamming your customers or bothering them. For example, you can use it for important announcements such as new products, promos, or site launches. Do not use it for less crucial things because this type of content should be placed in a classic post or in your Facebook Story. Remember, this is an opportunity to draw attention to your Facebook page, so gear up.

Improve the performance of your campaigns with square images
Facebook ads are one of the best ways to reach your target market with detailed data on the consumers they host and the large number of active monthly users. Now you can make your business stand out even more with square ads (1: 1). What is the interest of this format? Square images are perfectly adapted to smartphones, in the sense that they occupy more space on these tiny screens. Think of your Instagram navigation experience – a platform designed for a mobile audience – and square images that are much more appealing than rectangular ones. That’s why this feature should be tested on Facebook. Note, however, that this format only appears correctly if users have installed the latest version of Facebook.

How to use this feature:

In your Facebook ad manager, create your campaigns normally, except for the image you upload. You must design and download snapshots with 1: 1 and not 1: 1.91 dimensions. The recommended resolution for square artwork is 1080 x 1080 pixels. If you decide to use this function, it is a good idea to do an A / B test with the original rectangle photo and the square image to determine which one gives the best results before you start. Associated with the Facebook pixel (discussed in the next paragraph), this device boosts the performance of your ad and quickly attracts more users to your site.

Get to know your audience better with Facebook Pixel
Facebook pixel is code that you can embed on your site to measure conversions, optimize performance, and create custom audiences for your Facebook advertising campaigns. Specifically, you can find out if a customer has purchased your products and services after viewing your ad – and target it again. In addition, this allows you to define the most suitable devices for conversions (laptops or smartphones), to target consumers via Facebook with the articles they have seen on your site and to understand how people use your pages. This is the ideal feature to better understand your community.

How to use this feature:

If you offer services or have an online store, this tool is for you. First, you create your Facebook pixel via the advertising manager and then connect it to your site. Here’s how to add it if you have a Wix site. Then you can start designing ads by focusing on your products and services as well as linking to another part of your site. The more pixel conversions, the more effective it will be to reach the right people. You’ll quickly see the benefits of smart targeting with this feature.
Use GIFs in your ads
GIFs are very short animations that are repeated in a loop. If you have a social media account or are dating a 13 year old teenager, you probably know this form of expressive and addictive content. And those who are familiar with these files may not be aware of their potential. They may even think they are not useful for their business, except to express an emotional and fun response to customers. Now you can forget your preconceptions with Facebook allowing GIFs in ads. Faced with the growing trend of extremely short videos on social networks (it is easier to see them to the end), Facebook could not ignore this feature for the least engaging.

Facebook GIF advertising functionality
How to use this feature:

GIF ads require less investment than video ads. It is an attractive and additive format for potential customers. With various online tools, it is quite simple to design a GIF. Just upload your own photos and videos to a platform like Giphy and save the file. To turn it into a pub, create an account in the Facebook Ads Manager (linked to your Facebook page) if it’s not already done. Then follow the steps required to develop an ad. It’s like a regular ad, but when you choose the file format to attach, you must click on the video and not on the image.


Target your customers via Messenger
According to Facebook, 1.3 billion people use the Messenger platform presented in 2011. Mail services are spreading like wildfire, with more and more private conversations. Facebook has created a dedicated smartphone app and since then, engagement rates have exploded. A new feature, Messenger Marketing, has been launched. It allows companies to exploit this niche and reach their customers via private messages. And as most people want to quickly disappear this little notification on their mobile, your ads are likely to be opened and viewed. Malin!

How to use this feature:

Messenger marketing is a sure way to interact with your customers by reaching them where they are. You can use several types of ads: sponsored messages (only in current discussions), Display Ads (to target specific audiences), and Click-to-Messenger ads (to initiate new conversations via Messenger). Whichever method you choose, expect to see very good opening and click rates.

Be aware of the new advertising rules
Facebook has striven to make advertisements for users more transparent. Restrictions have therefore been put in place (translation: distribution is reduced) concerning poor or disruptive content. Facebook monitors and sanctions the shocking and confusing content of external sites that appear in advertisements, providing misleading data and cropped images. If these limitations are too vague, you will find here more info on the Facebook advertising rules.
How to use this feature:

Even if you have no bad intentions, be careful with your campaigns to ensure their performance. Make sure your content is related to what you are promoting: the caption, photo, title, description, and external site must match. This means that you do not have a clipping image of key components in your ad. If you are transparent with your audience, the performance of your ads will not be affected by the restrictions.

Follow the ads of any company
Facebook has added the “Info and Advertising” tab to all Business Pages. Whether you follow a certain page or not, you can know which ads it broadcasts. But that’s not all. It is also possible to see the date of creation of the page and the history of name changes. Facebook also plans to incorporate more useful data in the information section. This helps to provide consumers with more details about companies and prevent abuse on the platform. The goal is not to boost engagement since clicks on ads in this section are not counted in the statistics. Overall, this data increases the transparency of the pages and their campaigns.

How to use this feature:

As a business, users will have more details about your active ads. What you share must be acceptable to everyone, not just to those who follow you. For example, curious customers can search for information on a promo or feature. And it’s also an opportunity to analyze what your competitors are proposing and to inspire you with their best campaigns.


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